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    • Package rental

      2 rooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, 1 balcony · 58m²

    • 4 people

      2 beds in total

    /晚 ¥ 899 / night
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    The listing is located on the top golden floor of Wankeli Living Aesthetics Apartment in Haizhu District. Double subways provide direct access to apartments, apartments upstairs, shopping malls & subways downstairs, making travel very convenient. The apartment community is well managed and guarded 24 hours a day. Avant-garde simple humanistic new oriental style multi-functional loft apartment, which can meet the multi-faceted needs of urban home travel & commercial accommodation and commercial office.

    100M broadband, speed WIFI.
    Large 3D projection, turn on home theater mode.
    Double-door refrigerators hold soft drinks such as purified water and cola.
    The kitchenware is equipped with an induction cooker, a rice cooker, a kettle, Chinese and Western tableware, and cooking condiments, which can be used by guests as required.

    Living room: pure solid wood designer furniture, environmentally friendly and clean. Qingshui Cement Wind + New Oriental Humanistic Life Aesthetic Space New Model. The living room sofa adopts a 120CM + 200CM depth ultra-wide sofa, which restores the ancient Lohan bed design concept, combined with the comfort and diversity of modern people's living habits. The imported handmade hand-woven art ink painting carpets in Egypt are rich in oriental style. The furnishings use minimalist designer crafts: Qian Zhihe's floor lamps, miniature Chinese pavilions ... slowly and subtlely experience the profoundness of the new Oriental space aesthetics.

    The master bedroom is equipped with a natural 35CM latex mattress bed 1.8 meters long by 2 meters wide by the international five-star hotel and the same brand. Lavender pillows / cassia pillows are available. The bedroom's overall STLYE is in a new oriental style, creating a new homestay & travel experience. The room is designed with warm light without direct light source. The combination of lamps and lanterns highlights the visual comfort and aesthetic ambient light requirements of the human bedroom. The designer teak screens, floor-standing tungsten light sources, rosewood miniature furniture, and bamboo wicker lamps are all designed to set off a sleepy atmosphere. You can also experience this when you know how to sleep.

    The second bedroom is housed in a study room. It is a large bed of 35CM latex mattress with a length of 1.5 meters by 1.9 meters and an environmentally friendly natural latex bed with Sweet dream series. A camphor log coffee table and natural stone light.
    Note: The bedding is clean and hygienic. Functional pillows are hidden in the wardrobe, and guests can choose according to the preference of the cervical spine. The wardrobe is also equipped with an electric iron and a simple ironing board, which is convenient for the business needs of business people.

    traffic condition

    The listing is downstairs from the Guangzhou Metro Line 2 Jiangtai Road Metro Station. It is a 1-minute walk downstairs. Line 2 can be directly connected to Guangzhou South Railway Station High Speed Rail Station, Guangzhou Railway Station, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (Jiahe Wanggang Station transfer to Line 2). Within 20 minutes, it can be directly connected to Guangzhou Pazhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, Jiangnan West Business District, Beijing Road and Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street and other popular scenic spots and business districts. Canton Fair (Pazhou Exhibition Center)-11 kilometers away, about 30 yuan by taxi, 9 subway stations; Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport-37 kilometers away, about 135 yuan by taxi, 19 subway stations; Guangzhou South Station (High-speed Rail Station)- 12.5 kilometers away, taxi is about 55 yuan, 7 subway stations; Guangzhou East Railway Station-11 kilometers away, taxi is about 30 yuan, 12 subway stations, bus (263, 551) direct; Guangzhou Railway Station-distance 8.5 kilometers, taxi about 30 yuan, 8 subway stations, bus (87, 180) directly.

    Surrounding situation

    Vankeli brings together hundreds of special Guangdong-Hong Kong cuisines in Guangzhou, Shopping center, movie theater, Starbucks, leisure bar, lifestyle supermarket and many other business and entertainment centers. The property is located on the 21st floor of Vanke School, the Flower City Gaoge, which can not only closely watch the prosperity of Yangcheng City, but also overlook the tranquil beauty of Flower City.

    Tenant Code

    1. The resident's ID card and valid ID are required to check in;
    2. An additional cleaning fee of RMB 80 per stay must be paid before check-in; the kitchen must be cleaned and sanitized after cooking, otherwise a cleaning fee of RMB 30 or more will be charged; 20 kWh of electricity per day will be charged free of charge, and an extra fee of 5 tons of water will be charged. The excess is charged at 2.4 / degree, and the water fee is 5 yuan / ton;
    3. Smoking and pyrotechnics are not allowed in the room. If you need to smoke, please go to the balcony or outdoor;
    4. Please do not bring pets in. Please check in according to the number of people.
    5. Please take good care of the facilities and equipment in the apartment, which cause damage, failure, loss or wall damage to the apartment. Compensation shall be paid according to the price.
    6. The use of this apartment for parties, commercial planes and film and television shooting requires a 498/3 hour usage fee;
    7. It is forbidden to use the apartment for all illegal and criminal activities such as drug gambling. Once found, it will be reported to the relevant departments in a timely manner.
    Smoking: No smoking
    Pets: Pets are not allowed
    Candidate: Cannot join
    Extra bed: No extra bed

    Basic Information

    • Property Type:
    • Bathroom: 1
    • Sheet change: one replacement per passenger
    • Large bed (2 × 1.8 meters): 1
    • Large bed (2 × 1.5 meters): 1
    • Whether to add an extra bed: No
    Supporting facilities


    • wireless network
    • TV
    • air conditioning
    • refrigerator
    • washing machine
    • Heating
    • air purifier
    • humidifier
    • electric kettle
    • hair dryer
    • 24 hours hot water
    • Clothes rack
    • Laundry detergent / powder
    • Iron / hang iron
    • Cleaning tools


    • Private bathroom
    • Shower gel shampoo
    • Dental equipment
    • towel
    • bath towel
    • flip flop
    • Soap / Hand Sanitizer
    • toilet paper


    • tableware
    • Cooking pot
    • Cutting board
    • Rice cooker
    • Induction cooker
    • seasoning
    • Washing utensils


    • Projection equipment


    • Security guard
    • Smart door lock
    • Access control system
    • Fire extinguisher
    • Fire alarm


    • window
    • elevator
    • Viewing terrace

    Around (within 500 meters)

    • restaurant
    • Supermarket
    • pharmacy
    • Cash machine
    • Vegetable market
    • Children's playground
    • Swimming pool


    • Luggage storage
    • Welcome child
    • Welcome elderly

    Charge description

    • 提交订单后,支付总房费的100%作为预付订金交付蚂蚁平台 Prepayment: After submitting the order, 100% of the total room fee will be paid as a prepayment to Ant Platform
    • 天取消,全额退款 Refund policy: Cancellation 7 days before check-in, full refund
    • 7 days before check-in date


      Check-out day


      Full refund if order cancelled

      If cancelling an order, 50% of the non-housing fee will be deducted
    • 到达房源后,线下直接交给房东 Deposit: 800 yuan upon arrival, directly to the landlord offline
    • The following fees are charged extra by the host and are not included in the room rate.
      • Cleaning fee: RMB 198.0 must be paid offline.
      • Cooking: 50 yuan / time;
      • Party: 1,000 yuan / time for dinner and birthday party, 200 yuan / time for cleaning fee;
      • Commercial shooting: 598 yuan / 3 hours, cleaning fee 200 yuan / time;
      • Cleaning: 1 guest 1 sweep;
      • Sheet change: 1 passenger for 1 change;
      • Tooth replacement: 1 customer 1 replacement;
      • Towel / bath towel change: 1 change for 1 guest;
      Reminder: The services provided by the landlord may charge fees, which are not included in the above fees. Please check carefully to avoid disputes.

    Check-in notice

    • Reception time: 15: 00-24: 00
    • 查看可租状态 Minimum stay: 2 days check availability
    • Check-out time: before 12:00
    • Maximum stay: 180 days
    • Check-in time: after 15:00
    • Invoice: Support invoicing If you need an invoice, please ask the landlord offline
    • Foreign guests reception: no reception

    Ant tip

    After check-in, if you think the photo is too different from the room, Ant customer service will confirm the evidence provided by the two parties. If true, the total number of days left will be refunded.

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    Listing address: Exit C, Jiangtai Road Metro Station, Haizhu District , Guangzhou (Vankeli)
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